What’s on your partner’s screen?

Sometimes the most surreal things you can learn are right in front of you in your own home, and by looking up from my computer and around my house I noticed that reality has struck within the comforts of my own home.

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Through direct observation, I noticed that my family members are working with technology for their jobs and school work. Their companies/schools had the option to work from the office but limited the need for physical/social work anyways.

They are still being cautious because of the pandemic but the fact that the majority of their work is still online at this point highlights the comfortability and adaptation to a new working environment. …

Conducting an Experiment

Now I was skeptical to see just how much technology has really changed our lives after doing research only on secondary articles/sources up to this point. I decided to ask my peers as well on social media about their thoughts on technology with a couple of questions.

After looking at the survey, I realized that there are many people first-hand who are contributing to the transition of technology.

I asked three questions on social media:

  1. Do you like technology?
  2. Has technology increased in your school work/job even before the pandemic?
  3. Do you think we will ever revert back to not using technology as much as we do now? …

It’s a long, slow process

It’s understandable that learning takes time, as learning about technology and putting it into practice is a step-by-step approach that can’t be rushed.

Being able to adapt to this technological world is critical for all professions, especially business. Many hesitate or give up on technology since they try to cram all of the details into a small time frame.

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The solution is to only enforce, but also allow people to keep practicing until they get it so we can be successful and collected. …

New Sheriff in Town

People wonder why we cannot stick to what we know from the past and the answer is clear: the Millennials are starting to take over the business world.

Older generations are fading and being replaced by what this new generation of people are called, millennials. These groups have taken advantage of the technology brought to them and have transformed their lives around machinery and computers.

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By developing technology through their usage and experience, they have made their lives more advanced, convenient and efficient than others, which is why they are taking over the business world.

Greetings, from my own house

After conducting some research, I found a great article by Brian Wallace, as he describes the inevitable future of technology in the business world. As Wallace states in his article, “Business Technology Trends That Will Shape Our 2018”, “Instead of looking to social media to replace in-person meetings, companies will be using social media to enhance the rare chances for a face to face meeting — and when they can’t, they’ll do it live via social” (2017). …

Look what I found!

Reflecting back upon my goals for my research, I wanted to discover the reasons why people are so easily convinced towards advancements in technology. After investigating some of the articles from my colleagues, one interesting topic came into mind: Artificial Intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence is the smarts and wits of machinery that override our human/natural intelligence. The idea that technology can handle the stress and struggle in overcoming problems while being able to perform at a higher level spells wonders for the business world to take advantage of.

Colleague Assistance

One of my colleagues stated in his article, “For example, there are talks about how this technology may start to be used as an assistant for checkups in the healthcare system. Tasks like this would save companies a lot of money because a robot will be in place of a worker that was being paid” (Bluementhal, 2020). …

Let’s Introduce the host!

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Greetings, my name is Connor Fetzer. I am a current student at the University at Buffalo who is conducting research on the extreme dependability of society towards technology.

Greetings, my name is Connor Fetzer. I am a current student at the University at Buffalo who is conducting research on the extreme dependability of society towards technology. This trend of increasing dependability on technology has grown to a certain point that we are starting to eliminate physical norms to life such as libraries, movie theatres, and in the business world, trips, negotiations in person, and other physical ways of conducting business activities in the workplace. …


Connor Fetzer

I am a current student at the University at Buffalo and I am majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Statistics.

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